Wine and local products tastings

25,00 90 minutes

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A visit to our winery will introduce you to our world located in the magnificent setting of the Tiber River Park and the techniques and the special care with which we proudly produce our wines. We host a limited number of private tastings, by appointment only, at our winery and vineyard. Our tastings are approximately 1,30 hours long and include a tasting of three or four, depending on the availability of our limited-production natural wines with a selection of delicious cheeses and charcuterie of local production at the price of 25 euro per person. Given the nature of our work and the fact that we spend most of the time in the winery or vineyard, we recommend that you call before coming, nor can we accommodate unscheduled tastings. All our Tasting guests will be eligible for a 15% discount on the wines bought directly at the winery. For specific requests, more information, or if you are in the trade/industry and looking to visit, please reach out to us.   25 € per person 2 person minimum