Because wine is first made in the vineyard


The soil consist of sand, gravel and clay with arenaceous sedimentary rocks and calcareous soil.
Vineyard Jacopone: Sangiovese (Brunello Clones), Sagrantino and Foglia Tonda hill side planting,
west facing slope with lines running N/S, altitude 160 meters.
Vineyard San Cristoforo: Syrah (clones 470, 174, 877), hill side planting, west facing slope with lines
running 15 degrees East of due North, altitude 150 meters.
The area is in a temperate macro-region between low and high-hilly bioclimatic belts.

Established 2006

Vineyard practices

Only the best grapes can make a great wine so we spare no amount of work to achieve perfect fruit in total respect of our land and environment. We dry farm, and though we choose not to seek a certification, we practice strict organic farming principles and use some biodynamic techniques such as Preparation 500 and 501. Chemical weed killers or pesticides are never used in the vineyard. We control weeds and grasses using an inter-vine cultivator and sow plants that contribute to nitrogen fixation down the middle of the rows, encourage grazing of our geese and chickens in the vineyard thus avoiding the use of synthetic fertilizers. Weeds and grasses near and around the vines are hoed by hand. We rigidly maintain an open and vertical canopy system and we green prune at least twice during the spring/early summer tying each single cane to the support wires to control formation of fungal diseases without the use of systemic products and to let air and sunlight into the clusters thus promoting healthy and even ripening of the grapes. We also crop thin to increase fruit quality and eliminate any clusters that do not meet our standards.