Syrah 100%

Production 750 bottles

Yeld about 50 q./ha.

We harvest Syrah organic grapes from our river side vineyard  manually during the cool night time. We carefully select and transport them to the winery in small baskets. The bunches are then gently destemmed and the whole berries undergo a spontaneous carbonic fermentation in small open top fermenters. The grapes are left to macerate on the skins for 24 to 30 days, and then softly pressed with a small bladder press. The wine then ages for 15 months on its fine lees in neutral tonneau and an additional 6 months in the bottle before it is released. We only add a minimal quantity of sulfites to our wine prior to bottling. We do not fine, clarify, filter our wines at any time during production nor do we chemically adjust it.